Unclebearskin's ABC

Unclebearskin's ABC

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There is nothing more comforting for a child than the sound of a parents voice. A totally present moment as together they explore the pages of a book.


Our desire is to create books that encourage these shared moments with our children, where parent and child alike can explore the world of possibilities through the power and sheer joy of imagination.

Unclebearskin's ABC

illustrations by Cat Lee
graphic art by Simon Portbury


Unclebearskin's ABC… is not only a visual feast but a tongue twisting, word defining, linguistic romancer.


The extraordinary illustrations with stunning graphic art in 396mm tall pages, makes this book irresistible, and we believe, will be loved and timelessly cherished as it is shared by every member of the family.


Unclebearskin’s ABC Book from conception to final completion has been a work of love and passion for the beautiful little people in our lives.


Speaking honestly and from the heart, we believe that this is the most beautiful ABC book ever created. 

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