The Hidden Kingdom (3rd book in the Sippy & Sunny Series)

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There is nothing more comforting for a child than the sound of a parents voice. A totally present moment as together they explore the pages of a book.


Our desire is to create books that encourage these shared moments with our children, where parent and child alike can explore the world of possibilities through the power and sheer joy of imagination.

Sippy & Sunny  { a great barrier reef adventure }


Illustrations by Brigitte May


The 3rd book in the series finds Sippy introducing Sunny to the wonders beneath the ocean, where her connection to nature and its many creatures is further developed.


Sippy is always close by encouraging Sunny as she discovers more of her true self and the role she plays in protecting nature.


Once again Brigitte May has brought her feminine sensitivity to every illustration awakening us to our spiritual connection to our natural world.

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