Secret Tunnel by Mrs Mighetto

Secret Tunnel by Mrs Mighetto

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The End of the Forest Story

There are no shortcuts that will take you there. Nor is there any way back once you finally arrive. The Land in the Sky is the final destination. But only for the chosen few. 


The story of this mythical land is well known throughout the forest. The story of what happens at the end of the forest. For millennia the entrance has been protected by seasoned, valiant guards, all of whom possess special gifts. It’s also watched over by the boy who never sleeps, by the roe deer who sees into the future and by the enormous creature who knows ways no one else knows.


Deep within the Land in the Sky, twelve islands float weightlessly. There, you’d do well to find a friend with wings to help you move between the different islands. Charlie lives on Green Sconce Island and knows the paths that run between springtime and winter. On the Isle of Knowledge you’ll meet Vera, who offers comfort when you’ve lost something or someone from the other side, while her soulmate Alice watches this world that seems to be the best-kept secret of all the ages.  

... No one even notices the dark glade unless you have a special invitation. For most passers-by it goes by unnoticed. But at the gate sits the gatekeeper and his pet. These two watch the clearing day and night, without a wink of sleep. There is no limit to the number of keys handed out to the chosen ones and once you hold the key in your hand, the tunnel opens up. Past the glade, through the tunnel, unlock the left hand door and you’ll reach the incomparable Land in the Sky...

... Ingen lägger märke till den mörka gläntan om man inte är speciellt inbjuden. För de flesta förbipasserande går den obemärkt förbi. Men vid gläntans port sitter nyckelhållaren och hans djur. Dessa två bemannar gläntan dag och natt, utan sömn. Det finns otaliga nycklar som delas ut till de utvalda och när du väl har nyckeln i din hand är tunneln öppen. Förbi gläntan, genom tunneln, lås upp den vänstra dörren och nå fram till det makalösa Landet i luften...  

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