Poem for Sippy Bedtime stories

Poem for Sippy (2nd book in the Sippy & Sunny Series) (AS-IS)

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This listing is for a book that has yellowish spots on the fabric cover due to humidity. Please refer to the last 5 pictures of the listing to look at examples of the yellow spots and the inside of the pages.


These pictures are taken from a few sample books, so the book you receive may defer from the pictures shown here.


The price has been reduced significantly due to these defects.


Please buy only if you are comfortable. No exchange and refund allowed on AS-IS items.




There is nothing more comforting for a child than the sound of a parents voice. A totally present moment as together they explore the pages of a book.


Our desire is to create books that encourage these shared moments with our children, where parent and child alike can explore the world of possibilities through the power and sheer joy of imagination.

“ Poem For Sippy ”... is the second book in the Sippy and Sunny series. The adventures take a detour to reflect upon Sippy’s journey from one generation to the next.

Brigitte May’s stunning illustrations take young and old into Sippy’s world reminding us all of the importance of love, magic and imagination.

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