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Hello Kitty Lamp by BaseNL




We noticed that there are many replicas of the Hello Kitty lamp on the market. Please insist on the original and authentic Sanrio License lamp from BaseNL


Besides authenticity, the most important factor is the SAFETY of your baby and child.


The original lamps have undergone rigorous ROHS testings to be certified that they are toxic free and is safe for your child. 


Being an electrical product, it has also obtained the Safety Mark from SPRING Singapore. We all have read news reporting explosions of electrical products that are not Safety Mark certified. So, please do not take the risk with replica products. 


Please keep your family safe and consider these important factors before making a purchase. 


If you wish to take a look at the lamp before purchasing, please visit the following brick and mortar stores. They are authorised retailers of the authentic Hello Kitty Lamp :)


Kai Kai Gifts @ Clarke Quay Central



NBC Stationery and Gifts

PRINTS International

The first Hello Kitty designer lamp - Kitty White. She comes with remote controlled LED lighting and 16 colors to choose from. You can completely adjust the color and light intensity to the style of your living room, bedroom, your mood and the occasion.

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