Book Frame (Blonde) by Corner Block Studio

Book Frame (Blonde) by Corner Block Studio

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[Please refer to first picture for color of the book frame]


Use this bookframe anywhere!


Living Room

Did you spend thousands of dollars on your wedding album or family album only to keep them in the bookshelf? Time to take those precious albums out and display them proudly. Let them bring joy to you and your living area. Turn the page and your wall art is refreshed instantly!


Children's Room

Teaching your children ABC? Simply turn to a page of our beautiful Uncle Bearskin's ABC Book (or any Uncle Bearskin's book) and slot it into the book frame. Ta-dah! Your little one can learn their alphabets in the book easily. Turn the pages as your little one learns. The gorgeous drawings in the book make great wall display too!


Work Desk or Makeup Table

Spot an inspiration in the magazine but don’t want to tear the page out or fold the page? Simply frame that page of the magazine in the book frame!



Have you also been looking for the perfect spot for your recipe book in the kitchen? A bookstand takes up too much counter-top space and you risk getting the book stained. So where should I put the recipe book? Fret not, the book frame is the perfect solution. Your recipe book in the book frame is up and away from the counter top. It changes into a wonderful wall decoration too. Plus..... no one will think you are referring to the recipe book. 

The Book Frame is designed to display a variety of books, from a big, hardback coffee table book to a thin magazine.


Just slide the top timber channel up and down the cord to adjust the height and frame your books. It’s easy to change your display and enjoy a new page each week.


The top of the book frame can also be used as a keepsake shelf.


Frame your:

Recipe books


Photo albums

Children’s books

Coffee table books


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