Ever had a vinyl records cover or a stylish page in Vogue magazine that you love to put on display but don't know how to?

You can’t find the right sized frame for the vinyl records cover and you can't bring yourself to tear that page out from Vogue to put it into a picture frame.

Those beautiful images that you need for daily inspiration can't be put up on the wall. Ughh...

How about your wedding portfolio with all the precious and warm fuzzy moments? It can't stand on itself on the shelve and looks ugly on a plastic bright yellow book-stand that belongs in a pre-school.


Those lovely moments captured can't be reminisced. After spending so much on the portfolio, does it have to be end up mouldy in the storage? A pity isn't it?

What if someone told you all the above can be done? You don’t need to tear that page out of Vogue and it's easy breezy. Would that be a dream come true? 

Get ready to be over the moon. The Book Frame will make your dream come true.

Display wedding portfolio, magazines, cookbook, vinyl records and even a flattened Koko Krunch box if your child loves that cute little Koala.

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